Sri Lankan deviled prawns

Sri Lankan deviled prawns recipe

In Sri Lanka, “deviled” means spicy. Anything with deviled in the title means you are going to have a foodgasm of flavours going on in your mouth! Sri Lankans love … Read more

Sri Lankan garlic curry recipe

Sri Lankan garlic curry recipe

Rice and curry is a staple meal in Sri Lanka comprising many different plates of curry, served with rice. We learnt this delicious recipe for garlic curry…we’ve never seen so … Read more

Recipe for Maldivian roshis

Recipe for Maldivian roshis

Roshis are like Indian rotis (tasty flat breads) but made with all purpose flour instead of wholewheat flour. Roshis are¬†usually served for breakfast in the Maldives with mashuni. Apparently this … Read more

Recipe for Maldivian mashuni

Maldivian recipe for mashuni

A popular breakfast in the Maldives consists of the mashuni eaten with roshis. Mashuni is simply shredded coconut with tuna and onions and eaten with roshi. ¬†Roshis are like Indian … Read more

Green bean curry recipe

Sri Lankan green bean curry recipe

The famous staple of ‘rice and curry’ in Sri Lanka is usually a foodgasm of many different small bowls of various curries served with rice. We were pleasantly surprised at … Read more