Best food in Laos: freshly made buffalo laap with sticky rice

Interesting foods to try in Laos

The food in Laos is not very well known compared to its Thai, Chinese and Vietnamese neighbours. Laotian cuisine has similarities with Thailand (such as the spicy papaya salad) and … Read more

Laotian sticky rice recipe

Laotian sticky rice recipe

Sticky rice is the staple food of any Laotian meal. It is called “khao niaow” and made from glutinous rice. It contains a higher sugar level than normal rice, which … Read more

Laotian buffalo laap recipe

Recipe for Laotian buffalo laap

Laap is the national dish of Laos. It is a minced meat (or fish) salad, served with large amounts of fresh vegetables and herbs. Like the recipe for Peruvian ceviche, … Read more