Nomadic Boys 10 foods to try in Malaysia

Top 10 foods to try in Malaysia

Malaysia is an amazing country for foodies. It’s a melting pot of Chinese, Malay, Thai, Indian and many many more mixed into one yummy country to discover. Every single Malaysian … Read more

Pearly and Seb cooking Malaysian beef rendang

Malaysian beef rendang recipe

Malaysian beef rendang is similar to the chicken rendang recipe we learnt in Langkawi, but beef has a richer flavour and takes longer to cook. Rendang literally means a dried … Read more

Malaysian Curry Kapitan recipe

Recipe for Malaysian curry Kapitan

Curry Kapitan is a popular Malaysian chicken curry combining sourness from tamarind and lime, mixed with coconut milk. It’s a richer and drier version of the standard chicken curry, like … Read more

Malaysian chicken rendang recipe

Malaysian chicken rendang recipe

Chicken rendang is a very distinctive Malaysian curry with a strong lemongrass aroma and flavour. Rendang literally means a dried curry in Malay and as the name suggests, a rendang … Read more