Freshly made palappam

South Indian palappam recipe

Palappam or ‘appam’ is like a pancake, popular in South India and Sri Lanka, made from fermented rice batter and coconut milk.It is usually eaten for breakfast or dinner and as … Read more

Fish molee cooking class

South Indian fish Molee recipe

Fish Molee is a popular dish in South India, commonly served at large family gatherings, particularly at weddings. Molee means ‘stew’ and the fish is marinated in a spicy coconut … Read more

Coconut chutney

South Indian recipe for coconut chutney

Coconut chutney is commonly served at breakfast time with sambar (lentils based vegetable stew). These are both ‘wet’ dishes, so dosa (savoury Indian pancakes) and idli (savoury cakes) are served … Read more

A freshly made dosa

Recipe for south Indian dosa

Dosa are south Indian rice/lentil based pancakes, made from a similar batter as idli (savoury cakes). They are popular at breakfast time to soak up a tasty coconut chutney or sambar (lentils based … Read more


Recipe for south Indian idli

Sambar and coconut chutney are ‘wet’ curry like based foods popular for breakfast.  They are commonly eaten with idli or dosa (fermented pancake) to soak them up. This is the … Read more