Trying Yangshuo Beer Fish

Yangshuo Beer Fish recipe

Yangshuo Beer Fish (or “Pijiu Yu”) is a specialty of the Yangshuo area of the Guangxi Province in South China. This is a stir fry based dish using mainly freshwater … Read more

Chinese stir fried aubergines cooked in Yangshuo sauce

Chinese stir fried aubergine

Chinese stir fried aubergine (or eggplant) does not sound particularly alluring.  But cooked with the Chinese Yangshuo style sauce it makes an incredibly tasty vegetarian dish or appetiser. This is … Read more

Steamed stuffed vegetables are a healthy alternative to dumplings

Chinese steamed stuffed vegetables

Chinese steamed stuffed vegetables are a lighter alternative to steamed dumplings. Steamed stuffed vegetables are similar to dumplings in that they involve a similar filling.  But instead of being wrapped … Read more